What We DO

Chutes and Compactors


For 50 years G.P. Systems, Inc. has been a leading supplier and installer of chutes and compactors throughout the tri-state area.  G.P. Systems is consistently recognized for its quality installations, dedication to customer satisfaction and most importantly its continuing service long after projects have been completed

Bi-Sorter Recycling Systems


Wilkinson Recycling Systems can be customized to accommodate waste and recycling needs.     The Bisorter™ recycling system shown above is designed to address two waste stream recycling programs. 

Tri-Sorter Recycling System


The Trisorter™ recycling system is designed to address the commingled recycling programs and solid waste needs in multi-story buildings.   

Refuse Chutes and Soiled Linen Chutes


GP Systems, Inc. is the exclusive distributor for Wilkinson Hi-Rise refuse and linen chutes.   Wilkinson Hi-Rise (WHR) brings more than 90 years of expertise as the world’s leading manufacturer of innovative waste management solutions such as linen and trash chutes and recycling systems. In addition to chutes, products include compactors, recycling systems, and odor control systems.  Waste systems are the backbone of a building and Wilkinson Hi-Rise works at every step of a construction or retrofit project to ensure waste, linen and storage options are all working together optimally and efficiently 



 Wilkinson Hi-Rise has evolved to meet its clients’ individual needs since 1923. As a leading force in the trash and linen chutes industry, Wilkinson Hi-Rise presents innovative solutions to waste control issues in office and apartment buildings, hospitals, sports arenas, hotels, restaurants and other multi-purpose complexes. Experienced service representatives work alongside building architects and contractors to ensure that each solution is unique and built to last 


Precision Machinery Systems' AUTO-PAK™ trash compactor line was originally developed in the late 1960’s and has set the standard for quality, reliability and longevity in the industry.  Their Container Packer Trash Compactors and Bag Packers Trash Compactors are designed for use in Hi Rise Apartment Buildings, office buildings, apartments, condos, restaurants, hospitals, schools and various other institutions 


Apollo Welding & Fabricating , Inc.  has been fabricating  apartment style compactors for 35 years.   The primary goal of Apollo is to deliver excellence in quality, maximum-value and on-time manufacturing, and to achieve this goal, are using only qualified and best materials.